Walk onto the Grote Markt on any given day, and you’ll find hundreds of people relaxing on a large tree-lined square in the heart of The Hague. It’s where you start your day in tranquillity with your first cup of coffee, sit down for a good plate of Thai, American, or plant-based soul food, treat each other to cocktails, and grab a beer after work.

The atmosphere is no-nonsense and informal, and encourages guests to do as they like. The staff of the 6 pubs & restaurants surrounding the square are 1 big family, enabling you to order from any menu regardless of where you’re seated. At night, The Grote Markt is just as lively as during the day, and several times a year the square transforms into a festival site for Popdistrict events. Never want to go home? Stay the night if you like.


When the evening falls we clear the tables and we watch bands, we dance, we party and we drink.
Jazz, DJ’s, festivals, bands: there’s no limit, several days a week.
Check the calendar.


Traditionally, there is always something going on at the Grote Markt. We kick off in March, with the largest St. Patrick’s Day festival of the European mainland, and continue with a wild ride of festivals throughout the rest of the season: The Hague Beer Market, alternative music fest Sniester, soul & classical highlights at Summertime, American roots hootenanny Wild Rooster, Oktoberfest, a tequila-drenched Dia de Muertos, and, when winter starts, the Rock A Rail street snowboard spectacle. But the live action doesn’t stop there – several days a week you’ll run into jazz jam sessions, salsa dancing, quiz nights, DJ’s, and bands playing anything from soul to ska to sludge metal.

Of course, all of this is currently on hold. We’re eagerly awaiting the day that the ongoing carnival that is Grote Markt nightlife can get going again.



Did you know you can stay overnight at de Grote Markt? Pink Flamingo offers luxurious private rooms, comfortable dormitories and spacious family rooms.

Getting married, swimming and partying with your feet in the sand is possible at STRAND ZUID. For private parties and meetings in the city, DE BLAUWE KAMER is the Grote Markt’s best-kept secret. At De Bakplaats, you can get fresh stone-oven pizzas with local ingredients and LikIt gelato, freshly made in our own ice-cream kitchen. We would also like to introduce you to our charming blonde: Cold Turkey, the first Grote Markt beer and certainly not the last.

Want to give the Grote Markt as a gift to someone? Get a gift card at the bar of the Boterwaag or order it online HERE! The recipient can use it to visit all the shops on the Grote Markt.