Code of Conduct Grote Markt Den Haag


To create a safe place for our staff and guests, we feel it is important to combat undesirable behavior on the Grote Markt. By undesirable behaviour we mean:


BULLYING Bullying is repeated unwanted negative behavior against which someone is unable to defend themselves. This can be (a combination of) verbal, non-verbal or physical behavior.


SEXUAL INTIMIDATION Sexual harassment is any form of sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other sexually oriented verbal, nonverbal or physical behavior that is perceived as unwelcome.



DISCRIMINATION Discrimination involves unequal treatment of individuals: putting people at a disadvantage or excluding them based on personal characteristics such as gender, skin color or religion.



AGRESSION AND VIOLENCE Aggression and violence refers to all verbal and physical acts in which a person is harassed, threatened or assaulted.




In the first instance, discuss a report or complaint directly with our bar staff. We will then take appropriate action.

Would you like to report undesirable behavior afterwards? You can do so by e-mail: or by phone: 06 42 747 675. We will take all reports seriously and, if desired, anonymously.